A energia da cornalina num marcador de cortiça

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  1. Cork heigth: between 23,5 and 23,7 cm, never more or less. For custom sizes email me about the size you want without any extra charge.
  2. Cork width: 1,4 cm.
  3. Stone: about 2,1 x 1,7 cm.
  4. Charm: 2,9 cm.
  5. You always receive a new cork stripe, the one used in the picture is for pictures only.
  6. The crystal or stone in the picture is the one you receive.
  7. You can match another charm of your choice and that you have seen on the page, you just need to email me to check availability.

About the bookmark:

I do the match of the stones & crystals intuitively and if it looks good... about the stone itself I don't like to describe properties and related chakras because in one hand this is a piece to ornament books and not for bringing any "cure", although some stones like to appear in our lives as companions in any form possible. In the other hand on my journey/study of minerals, crystals and stones the energy of working with them can vary from person to person and, for example, not all green stones are associated and can be used only in the heart chakra - their power should not be limited by the literature.

I like when people, and I, pick a stone because it caught the attention or intuition... after that it's all about searching the meaning and encountering the content that best is understandable at that moment - that's why I don't like writing "prescriptions". 

Anyway, despite that, I will give you three general words about each crystal if it is of any help for you or just for your curiosity.

About the crystal or stone:

Carnelian agate: creativity, confidence, motivation.