I'm Ana, the person behind all the work at Bookmarks with Crystals.

"Bookmarks are travel companions, and books are the destinations you choose to explore." - Ana

Do you believe that it all started when I made my first bookmark, as a gift, with the materials I had for bracelets?
Yes, and after that, in a burst of creativity, I started to create more and more, page markers that already have reached different parts of the world.

Yes, almost anything can be used as a bookmark!
But let me add that what you choose to put inside your books can enrich your reading experience, your travels, your precious moments.

So, my mission here is more than creating accessories for books, but more about providing bookmarks for a lifetime and for your literary journeys.

Why with crystals and stones?
Simply because they are a source of inspiration for their beauty and connection, where each specimen has a unique 'fingerprint'.

In short, Bookmarks with Crystals is the art of merging my energy signature, my way and process of doing things with some materials and specimens that nature provides.

To any book lover, avid reader or esteemed person who comes by I hope you enjoy my creations and unique suggestions. Remember that you and your loved ones deserve the special energy that handmade items offer.


I had until recently the Website in English, but it's time to give more attention to Portuguese visitors since lately they are the majority of my requests.

Now that you know my project feel free to follow and connect with me through social links. Please send an e-mail for information and/or requests.

Fill in the box in the tab - contacto - by this order: name, phone number (i will not use it), email, your message in the last box and click "fale conosco".

Thank you.

"My handmade bookmarks are a tribute to books and the knowledge they are adding to my life." - Ana