Using this website

  1. You can share this webpage in social media if your true intention is to help me spread and/or sell my creations. 
  2. For sharing in websites you can send me an email to notify me, it's polite. 
  3. The pieces displayed here can be a source of inspiration but please remember stilling ideas reveals pure lack of creativity.
  4. The images displayed in this webpage, of my pieces and creations, have ALL RIGHTS RESERVED and belong to Bookmarks with Crystals, except the ones that refer to other people/websites. 
  5. You can use the images presented here to share online if linking back to this page or referring the source and author. 

Purchasing on this website

  1. After I receive the notification of your order I will check if payment was succefully completed. If something wrong I will contact you. If everything is okay I will confirm and send the status of you order also.
  2. International buyers only have PayPal to procede checkout, please don't try to use other options that are exclusive for Portuguese buyers. I can't refund payments that aren't made with PayPal. For any doubts please email me first.
  3. I will not be responsible for non deliveries due to incorrect address, please always confirm before proceeding.
  4. Orders will be dispatched between 2 and 5 days due to having a regular job, I will try to send it quickly as possible.
  5. International orders can take 1 week to arrive, it can take more, depends on several factors I can't control, I prefer to disclosure that it takes more than 3 to 5 days acording to our nacional post services.
  6. Refunds can happen if justificable, if is the case let's talk and work a solution.
  7. Cidadãos portugueses podem usar Paypal, MBWay e Transferência Bancária, qualquer coisa da minha parte que não corra bem é devolvido o pagamento, como por exemplo erro de stock ou impossibilidade de envio da encomenda.
  8. Encomendas em território Nacional chegam 1 dia após o envio. Correio azul é confiável e económico, em todo o caso existe sempre a opção correio registado, sugiro usar na compra de mais do que 1 artigo.